FINALLY: Niall Horan and Selena Gomez dating?!

Singer and X Factor judge Demi Lovato and One Direction star Niall Horan are said to be “loosely dating” after months of speculation regarding their relationship. According to a report in the Mirror, Horan and Lovato are casually seeing each other. Previously, they had claimed to keep contacts through video chats over Skype. An eyewitness told Celebuzz that the pop stars seemed to have a good time and “it looked like a first date”. Lovato, though, has constantly denied any relationship between her and Horan. Taking it back to the Disney star’s birthday, Twitter exploded by the minute as soon as Horan sent out a birthday greeting to her which went: “Happy birthday honey! Have a lovely day! See ya soon. Lovato has also apparently addressed her feelings for Horan and how he would be her ideal partner.

Demi Lovato speaks Up on Dating Rumors with ‘One Direction’s’ Niall Horan

Niall became an uncle when Greg welcomed a son named Theo with his wife Denise in July However, his fortunes changed when he was put into group One Direction. The boys enjoyed a series of successful live shows and ended up coming third in the competition.

All the Niall Horan gossip and dating updates you need to know: everything you Niall Horan sparks Twitter frenzy after flirty tweet to his ‘honey’ Demi Lovato Caroline Flack ‘still in touch with Harry Styles’ as she parties with Niall Horan.

By Andrea Magrath. He’s already tried out his charms on Khloe Kardashian, but Niall Horan may have more luck with someone his own age. The One Direction star has a new fan in Demi Lovato, who has publicly declared her crush on the singer. New couple alert? Niall Horan and Demi Lovato have both spoken of their mutual attraction to each other. It’d be good.

X Factor judge Demi Lovato appears to be ‘loosely dating’ One Direction’s Niall Horan

But what exactly went down between them, you ask? Why did they break up? Who else did he date? And is he seeing anyone at the moment?

Niall Horan and Demi Lovato have both spoken of their mutual attraction to each other ‘I still have nightmares about it’: Paris Hilton breaks down as she Of the One Direction boys, Louis Tomlinson is dating Eleanor Calder.

This year has been peppered with some unexpected romances , but one relationship we’re still not totally sure about is the one between Hailee Steinfeld and Niall Horan. The two have been friends for a couple of years now, but speculation that they were a couple began shortly after Hailee split from boyfriend Cameron Smoller earlier this year. In fact, the “Capital Letters” singer sort of addressed the dating rumours in January.

I do love that I have the opportunity to share with them what I’m comfortable with and they’re there to listen and support me. Still, Hailee and Niall have neither confirmed nor denied the rumours, so we’ll just let the evidence speak for itself. View On One Page. Photo 0 of 5. Previous Next Start Slideshow. Join the conversation. From Our Partners. Want more? Customize Select the topics that interest you:. You’re subscribed.

Niall Horan Had The Cutest Reaction To Selena Gomez’s Music And Fans Are Losing It

Rumors have been circulating over the past few months that Hailee Steinfeld and Niall Horan are possibly dating. Now, thanks to a shirt that Hailee was seen sporting, those rumors have basically been reignited. Hailee posted a photo to Twitter of herself in a black T-shirt with a photo of Niall and the words “Niall Horan” in white, which she paired with jeans ripped at the knees and black boots. Along with the photo, she tweeted the coordinates ” Nevertheless, fans seemed more concerned with the photo than the cryptic caption.

Niall Horan and Demi Lovato are secretly dating Nobody knows. Read to see what Just as lost, just as sick and still not willing to be found. But then you came​.

She felt bad, the people she hoped wouldnt ask, just did. She wanted to show him off. Demi loved how he was so relaxed, yet crazy. Demi was happy that Selena had someone, since she had gone to rehab, they werent the same, and in a way justin became her new best friend. Demi didnt mind, because she knew selena was truly happy. When niall walked in demi saw the expression on the boys faces change, like they just saw him for the first time in months.

Demi could tell that they were more like brothers than best friends, suddenly demi felt subconcious. Demi looked at niall who was bright red in the cheeks.

Demi Lovato opens up about Niall Horan relationship

It appears these boys have also been attracting the eyes of a few A-list celebrities, particularly Niall Horan who has caught the sparkly eye of “X-Factor’s” Demi Lovato. Both stars have been eyeing each other for months which have been proven in separate interviews. First off to talk about the “crush” was Niall Horan.

Niall and Demi will finally be in the same city when he comes to L.A. for the MTV VMAs — and he’s hoping to spend some time with her.

Demi Lovato and Niall Horan are ”casually dating”. The X Factor judge and the One Direction singer have spoken of their mutual attraction in the past but Demi has finally confessed to some close work pals that she and Niall are seeing each other, although it is a long distance relationship. A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ”Demi’s told the guys backstage she and Niall are loosely dating – it’s casual but they are definitely dating, albeit long-distance.

Demi has previously spoken of her affection for Niall but insisted they didn’t want a long distance relationship as it would be too difficult. She said: ”He has a lot of great qualities. He is an amazing listener and makes me laugh a lot, two of the main qualities I look for. He knows I have a little crush on him, and we enjoy having dinner when we get the chance.

We speak and message all the time. We share the philosophy that the right one is worth waiting for.

Demi Lovato Is Single, Denies Dating One Direction’s Niall Horan: ‘He’s Not My Boyfriend’

By Holly Thomas. They’ve been steaming up cyberspace with their flirtatious tweets and secret Skype sessions. And now it appears that Niall Horan and Demi Lovato may be about to take their online romance to the next level. Niall has admitted to personally contacting Demi, and admits: ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen. Giving Demi something to think abut? The One Direction singer was asked to explain what’s been going on between himself and year-old Demi on the Ryan Seacrest show.

Demi Lovato talks about her relationship with Niall Horan of One I’m just so busy because I’m still performing shows on the weekends, but.

Follow Metro. One Direction fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief after the boys thwarted claims they were relocating to the US. One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik has been plagued with cheating rumours for the last week but has told how the boys’ involvement with Comic Relief has put his ‘little problems into perspective’. One Direction joined the fight to end world hunger by launching an attack on big businesses for not pouring enough money into Africa.

Selena Gomez wants a new beau, amid reports she and Justin Bieber have split again — and she might have her eye on One Direction hunk Niall Horan. Niall Horan has trumped Harry Styles to become the new most popular member of One Direction, it has been revealed. If you’re a dedicated Directioner, you’re probably wondering why they’ve chosen this as the name of their second album and that’s why we’ve come up with the following five possible reasons.

One Direction star Niall Horan suffered the embarrassment of being refused entry to bandmate Liam Payne’s party last night – because the bouncer did not recognise him. Caroline Flack has hinted that she is still in touch with toyboy Harry Styles despite the continuous abuse she has received from One Direction fans.

Demi Lovato & Niall Horan Address Dating Rumors